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Scienc-ome XR Innovation Hub


Scienc-ome XR Innovation Hub (SXR) is a hackathon event in which we focus on producing anti-disciplinary science achieved by an international team, high-risk projects and research from various fields such as life science, physics, mathematics, engineering, and artificial intelligence. Our idea of SXR is based on the Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) which is an international funding agency that has produced 28 Nobel Laureates in the past 30 years. HFSP funds a high-risk and interdisciplinary research project with a philosophy of “science without borders''. The alumni and current HFSP awardees join the operating committee in SXR. SXR employs a XR system defined as a “cross-reality” that offers a mixed environment of physical meeting and virtual reality (VR). The immersive technologies promote anti-disciplinary science by releasing temporal and spatial restrictions. SXR provides opportunities to build the relationship to the young scientists in universities and industries under the COVID-19 situations. We believe that anti-disciplinary science in SXR will provide a breakthrough in social changes leading to destructive innovations. The process of anti-disciplinary science through the hackathon would be a model for “crossing the border” and “disruption of temporal and spatial restrictions” by using XR.

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The 3rd SXR x u18 career summit

August 17th, 2021 →  延期 


--Sponsorship Opportunities--
ライフサイエンスだけでなく、工学、数学、社会科学など国内外の研究者とのイノベーションに関する連携、共同研究。そして、VR, AR, Zoomなど新しいコミュニケーションツールと、オンサイトでの対面式学会を使った新しいハイブリッド方式の研究コミュニティの形成にご興味をお持ちの大学、行政、企業との連携をSXRでは推進しております。お気軽にお声がけください。
Collaboration and joint research on innovation with domestic and international researchers in life sciences as well as engineering, mathematics, and social sciences. SXR promotes collaboration with universities, governments, and companies that are interested in forming a new hybrid research community using new communication tools such as VR, AR, and Zoom, as well as on-site face-to-face conferences. Please feel free to contact us.

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